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I am a freelancer actor and stuntman focusing in action related productions. Since I started my professional career in 2006, I have been working in films, TV, commercials, music videos, theatre and show performances among others. Recently, I have added a certified Group Fitness Instructor as an additional profession of mine. See more details of my stunt work from my CV.

With the support of my mentor H-P Virkki, a Finnish professional stuntman with over 15-years of experience, and a respected 5. Dan aikido practitioner (over 25-years of experience, respectively), my long-term career goal is to become an internationally acknowledged and respected actor and stuntman. My personal life goal is to be a perfect life companion and a perfect father. My life-long purpose in this life is to be a facilitator in making this world a better place to live for everyone.



I am a Vietnamese by origin, yet I was born in Thailand, in 1982, in a refugee camp.  My family ended up there as they literally had to escape from Vietnam following the end of the Civil War. My father fought in the ranks of the South-Vietnamese military which was defeated by its Northern counterpart. In order to protect my mother, two of my brothers and my older sister, my father had no other choice than to take our whole family somewhere safe. According to my father, after 3 days of drifting at the sea and getting robbed twice by the sea pirates, the boat arrived at the banks of Bangkok. My family was immediately taken to a refugee camp, around seven months later my mother gave birth to me, and three months after that, in the beginning of 1983, my family arrived safely to Finland where we have been living ever since.



My parents chose a liberal way to bring up my siblings and I. As we were now the citizens of Finland they wanted us to integrate fully into the society. For my siblings and I, this meant learning the Finnish language and about the Finnish culture as profoundly as possible. As a result we all speak fluent Finnish and have a higher education. Nevertheless, our parents have kept us culturally aware of our origins, and so we all will always have warm feelings towards Vietnam.



I think I was about 4 or 5 years old when I saw my first Bruce Lee films ‘The Big Boss’ and the ‘Fist of Fury’. I was hooked immediately. In addition to the impressive kung-fu, I was especially fascinated by the admirable heroism portrayed by Bruce Lee’s characters. When he was killed in the end of some of his films, I really believed he had died as a true hero! Around the same time I saw some Jackie Chan classics like ‘Snake in the Eagle’s Shadow’ and ‘Drunken Master’. I especially enjoyed these films because of the clever use of humour, the amazing fight choreography, as well as the daring stunts. Soon my friends and I found ourselves mimicking these films by making our own home videos.

I started training karate at the age of 11. I was bit older than most of the others in the children’s group, therefore I was able to learn the basic principles of the techniques fairly quickly. After a year of training in the children’s group my father thought I could learn even faster if I transferred to the adults group. This wasn’t very easy for me as all my training partners were at least twice my size, and some even bigger. However, I persisted and trained with the adults, and as a consequence I developed even faster than before.

I was competing in karate until 1998 when I realized that my true interest in karate was purely its self-defence training. I was already the assistant teacher for the children’s group when I was wearing a green belt (1996) and became one of the head teachers when I was wearing the blue and the brown belt during 1997 – 2000. When I got my black belt (Shodan) in summer 2000, I was given the responsibility of teaching a class of adults once a week.

For seven years I did not have time for much else except karate and school, and deep inside of me I knew I was missing out on gaining life experience of a teenager. The change of direction in my life came in the form of my university studies in the Helsinki School of Economics (HSE) where I started in September 2001.



After a long period of training karate, I wanted to experience a team sport. It had to be a gentleman’s sport and ultimate was the perfect choice for that; Any kind of physical contact between two players is forbidden and the judging of the rules is left entirely to the players. It is also one of the few team sports where men and women can play at the same time. Though, learning to throw a Frisbee in various ways was fairly challenging, and I never really mastered it. I tried to compensate my lack of throwing skills with agility, fast running and by having a keen eye on game tactics.

I played ultimate more or less actively for nearly 2 years. Unfortunately, my military service put a stop to that. After coming back home from the army I had a need to do something different again. Since seeing my first kung-fu films I had always longed to master the art of somersaults and flips. Hence, in the beginning of 2003 I started to train acrobatics on my own.



It took me a fair amount of time to learn acrobatics. It was especially psychologically challenging to overcome many of my fears and doubts related to doing backward flips. I overcame my fears by practicing diving backwards in a swimming hall. When backward diving started to feel less challenging, I tried doing back flips. After some time I attempted to do these backward jumps in a gymnastic hall landing on a soft mattress. Little by little I started to train other moves. I also took advantage of my skills in karate and incorporate various acrobatic flying kicks.

Martial arts and acrobatics were just my hobbies, but parkour was the sport that paved my entrance to the stunt scene in Finland. In the early 2003 my friends showed me a video clip on the internet that had two young British guys performing parkour. I watched the video fascinated, however, before I had the courage to have a go at it myself I needed the encouragement and assurance of my friends to tell me that with my skills I would be able to master the sport.

I started training parkour on my own, little by little, and soon found that it was a great sport with which to develop both my physique and mind. I also believed it would be beneficial for other people as well. And so with two of my friends who introduced me to parkour, together we founded the Finnish Parkour Association in the fall 2003. Our mission was to spread the word about the sport to everyone who was interested as well as offer teaching and guidance for training safely in Finland . Soon after we founded the association we found out that people in the cities of Jyväskylä an Oulu had the same idea regarding parkour, and so with mutual cooperation the association very quickly grew to have a nation wide reach. Soon the media caught word of it and suddenly parkour was on the TV, newspapers, magazines and even on the radio. As the chairman, I was responsible for the administration, implementation, and PR, therefore I become associated with the founding of the parkour scene in Finland. Naturally, I was not the only active person in the assocation. There are still few left from the beginning who are still doing active assocation work. I was part of the association for 3 years, and when I left, I was happy to see that there were lots of other people who shared our initial vision of the association’s mission. Parkour continues to grow in popularity Finland even today.



Being in the right place at the right time happened to me too. Actually, it was about meeting the right person, professional stuntman H-P Virkki in 2006. I met H-P through a friend of mine. After having the opportunity to work with him in few projects, I asked H-P whether he would be interested in mentoring me in my actor and stuntman career. He pondered it for a while, and finally said yes as he saw some potential in me; In addition to being physically cabaple he also sensed how passionate I am to the career path I had chosen. Although, H-P realized that many of my ideas and plans regarding my career required more work. After all, I did not have much of personal experience in acting and stunt work or in the film and entertainment industry.

At the same time in the autumn of 2006 I started my one-year studies in a private acting school. There I learned the very basics of what acting and working as an actor might be; It is not as glamorous as I thought it to be but on the other hand, I am not doing this for the glamour. If pre-school Christmas plays are not taken into consideration, this school gave me an opportunity to act on-stage for the first time in my life. It is quite different from acting in front of a camera, and I can understand it now why some of the best actors in the world love to perform on-stage instead in films. Real audience gives so much more to the acting experience.



If I had made a different choice regarding my career I would most likely be working as a consultant. I got my Master’s degree in business at the age of 23 and felt that I was too young to commit to a career path lasting all the way to my retirement. I felt confident that now or never would be the best time to try my chances as an entrepreneur working as a stuntman and actor. The more experience I get the more I can actually combine business and arts. Therefore, little by little I am taking full advantage of my business studies.

I am determined to go as far as I can, and believing that good things happen to good and hardworking people. Since I graduated from the Aalto University School of Business in 2006, and begun working as a stuntman, I have had significant progress both in my stuntman and acting career, yet I am light years away from my career dream: To become an internationally acknowledged and respected stuntman and an actor. I have learned that it is not the end result that matters but the journey itself. And the journey has just begun.

‘Doing the impossible is easy; Miracles just take a little bit longer’